Halloween Traditions: Ghosting (Booing) Game


At my new job, I was just introduced to the BOOing game. Apparently, I have been missing on this fun Halloween tradition!

My colleague, Belle, started it off by leaving a Halloween decoration and some surprise treats for one person on each floor in our office. Along with the “You’ve Been BOOed” sign was a sheet of paper with instructions to BOO two others. This activity quickly spread the Halloween spirit throughout the company. It was fun arriving at work each day and seeing who else was BOO’ed and how creatively it was done. Everyone got into it, and pretty soon every cube and office on my office was decorated.

When it came to my turn to BOO, I looked to my Pinterest archives for inspiration. Here is my Hocus Pocus board on Pinterest.


First, the Halloween Hand Treats. I ended up buying a way too much candy (hey, it was “Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off). Stuffing these gloves was trickier than I thought…but i was filling these while watching “Gotham,” so it was easy to pass the time. Source: The Queen’s Castle: Halloween Hand Treats 


Next up, decor. I had some empty wine bottles, which could be decorated with Halloween bottle labels: Spider Venom, Fresh Red Blood, and Unfiltered Poison. This was the first time since elementary school that I used rubber cement! Old school “cut and paste.” These turned out rather nice – so much so, that I wished had more empty bottles lying around. Source: The elli Blog: Halloween Bottle Labels


To make up for leaving empty wine bottles, I labeled real bottles of Arrowhead water to say: Deadly Spirits, Hallow’s Even Potion, Castle Concoction, and Bug Juice. Source: Today’s Creative Life: Printable Halloween Bottle Labels 


For the final touch, some scary “We’ve Been BOO’ed” signs along with instructions. Source: Sew Licious Home Decor

For more on the history of Halloween, as well as ideas for costumes, pumpkin carving and Halloween decorations, see my post from last year: Hocus Pocus: History of Halloween, plus Costumes, Pumpkins, and Decorations

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